Gemma Welling

Gemma-Welling-IWD-2019Why did you decide to become a clerk?

In some ways, I fell into the job. I was working in a jewellers before this, so an environment that probably couldn’t be more different! I went from working in retail, in a team of girls, to a 9-6 office job with predominantly male team. I decided to go for it as I knew it was time for a change, and I felt as though I could fit in well with the role.

What is the biggest change you have seen / what has surprised you about being a clerk?

Something that has surprised me about Clerking is how much it has helped me grow in confidence. You have to be confident in your decisions and what you’re doing on a day to day basis, so that members, staff and clients can trust what you’re doing. I’m surprised by how much of a supportive environment it is to work in, everyone just wants you to work to your full potential and is very encouraging.

A change I have noticed is that, even over the past 2 years since I started, people seem to be more complimentary of your work and acknowledge if you have done something well/efficiently. Even though you don’t do the job for recognition, it’s always nice to be reassured that you’re doing well.

 What is your favourite aspect of the job / What is the biggest challenge?

I’d say that the biggest challenge is being able to manage your time well enough so that you are able get everything done promptly and keep on top of your work load. You have to learn to prioritise all of your priorities. You don’t want to let anyone down and so sometimes the stress of that can be quite full on.

The people I work with are my favourite aspect of this job. I know that no matter how stressed or busy the day is going to be, I’ll still be laughing at some point. It’s important to work with people that can make your day a bit more manageable, and our Clerks team is the perfect example of that. I also like knowing that I’ve been able to help someone, even if it’s in the most simple of ways.

Meg Duckworth

Why did you decide to become a clerk?

I had left sixth form in Kent having been working in hospitality throughout – I was then introduced to Chambers through David (my uncle) who asked me to help out for a month before I went travelling. I came back having gone back into hospitality where I began a job as the general manager of a Hotel/restaurant. I then heard from David a junior clerk role had become available if I was interested – so I took a sudden decision to up and move to Brighton.

What is the biggest change you have seen / what has surprised you about being a clerk?

I have seen a big change in myself, especially having to adapt to an environment whereby the majority are male (and often very vocal.) I am surprised at how many social opportunities the role presents, and how many events are held – choosing to be a clerk is choosing to have a certain social circle, lifestyle, and routine.

 What is your favourite aspect of the job / What is the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has to be juggling responsibilities each day and trying to please everyone as much as possible. Having so many people rely on you all day every day creates an enormous amount of pressure, and it is surprising how upbeat and positive everyone in the clerks room remains under the circumstances.


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