Tim Bergin, Michael Walker and Kate Richmond are all swimming in the Hayward Heath Lions Swimarathon on Good Friday, 30th March. They are taking part in this annual swimarathon where teams of six swim in  a 55-minute-long relay to help fundraise for the Lions International and for the Lions’ selected good cause. This year, the charity they have chosen to sponsor is  Time for Children, a small charity based in Haywards Heath, which helps to improve the emotional well being of children between the ages of 4 and 12.

You can help 1COR support these charities by donating using the link here.

For details of the event and more about the Lions, please visit their website here.

Congratulations to our 1COR team for winning the All Ages Cup for swimming the most lengths! They completed 179 lengths, which is 2.7 miles, in 55 mins!

Special thanks given to Sarah Taite, Gail Taite and Kate Bergin for all their support for the swimarathon, and thank you to Lorcan for keeping count.