Francesca Lewington has successfully prosecuted two high-profile RSPCA cases in Kent. These were reported in the Daily Mirror, Metro and other newspapers.

On Thursday 10th December 2015, Mark Jones-Reid was found guilty by Magistrates at Folkestone of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by kicking a greyhound to death. The greyhound, which was being walked on a lead by its owner, had clamped its jaws around Mr Jones-Reid’s dog. Mr Jones-Reid kicked the greyhound twice after which, Magistrates found, it let go. It was after this that Mr Jones aimed at least one more “brutal” kick to the dog in anger. He was heard by a passer-by to say “that dog went for my dog so I kicked the f*** out of it”.

Francesca also prosecuted the case of a teenager who, together with his three friends, tortured a puppy in the Thanet area of Kent. The three friends had already pleaded guilty to their part in the torture on an earlier occasion, as reported in the Daily Mirror, with the fourth youth only pleading guilty on the day of trial.

Links to some of the newspaper reports are found below: