Bob Wilson, who has been Chambers Director at 1 Crown Office Row for over 16 years, will be retiring at Christmas. He has overseen the success and significant growth of Chambers since his arrival in 1999 when he set about creating what was then a new post for Chambers. Very few Chambers Directors have served so long in one set.

Bob said that he was, of course, extremely sad to leave his many friends and colleagues at 1 Crown Office Row in London and Crown Office Row in Brighton. He had always enjoyed working in such a happy and professional environment and was proud of what Members and staff had achieved. It was the purchase of a home in Cornwall that triggered his decision and the realisation that it was time to retire and learn new skills (according to his wife, primarily DIY skills to renovate the house and garden and, in his own mind, primarily surfing and sailing).

Head of Chambers, Philip Havers QC, said that “Bob has been an outstanding Chambers Director and has made an enormous contribution to our continuing success since he joined us 16 years ago. We shall be very sorry to see him go and we wish him many happy years of surfing and sailing in Cornwall.”

The appointment of the new Chambers Director to replace Bob will be announced shortly.