Andrew Pack (Guest Speaker) who is the award-winning Legal Commentator of the year 2014 and author of “suesspiciousminds” blog will look at the rapidly developing jurisprudence relating to placement orders and adoption.

“Orders contemplating non-consensual adoption – care orders with a plan for adoption, placement orders and adoption orders – are “a very extreme thing, a last resort”, only to be made where “nothing else will do”, where “no other course is possible in [the child’s] interests”, they are “the most extreme option”, a “last resort – when all else fails” – Munby LJ in Re BS.

There have been 5 Court of Appeal decisions in the last 5 weeks on this principle – is it now dead and buried?

Adam Smith will look at the British tradition of adoption orders, how Re B impacted on the UK system, and how other European States provide long term care for their children.

“The proposition of the merits of adoption is advanced almost as a truism but if it is a truism it is interesting to speculate why only three out of 28 European Union countries allow forced or non-consensual adoption. One might ask: why are we so out of step with the rest of Europe? One might have thought if it was obvious that forced adoption was the gold standard, the rest of Europe would have hastened to have adopted it.” – Mostyn J in Re D.

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