Dispute Resolution 

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As a Chambers, we have embraced mediation as a means of dispute resolution and the 1COR Mediation Service can offer trained and experienced mediators to help in a wide range of disputes.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is widely regarded as the most useful and successful means of achieving a settlement when others have failed or are likely to fail.
It is an informal, flexible process with the added advantages of being confidential and "without prejudice".
It works in the majority of cases if the parties want to make it work.
It saves costs.  It saves the emotional expense of litigation.  It cuts out the risks of litigation.
It can help maintain business and personal relationships that might otherwise be affected by the tensions of litigation.
It can be arranged quickly.

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The following members of Chambers are trained and accredited mediators.

Philip Havers QC   
Robert Seabrook QC   
James Badenoch QC   
Stephen Miller QC   
Guy Mansfield QC   
Paul Rees QC   
Margaret Bowron QC   
David Hart QC   
Martin Forde QC   
William Edis QC   
David Evans QC   
Marina Wheeler QC   
Henry Witcomb QC   
James King-Smith *  
Sydney Chawatama   

Associate Member of Crown Office Row, Brighton

H.H. Keith Hollis (mediator)*

 * Based in Brighton