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Welcome to Crown Office Row Brighton

Our barristers have been based in Brighton for 40 years as an annexe of 1 Crown Office Row. Our centrally located modern premises opposite Brighton Pavilion are only a few minutes walk away from the Brighton District Registry and County and Magistrates' Courts. Occupying three floors of Blenheim House, our local IT, conference, library and seminar facilities are excellent.

We are, by far, the largest set of barristers based in Brighton and have again won preferred set status with Brighton & Hove City Council for our family, civil and criminal work (the only regional set to have been granted this status by the Council). In 2006, we were awarded the Legal Services Commission's Quality Mark for the Bar.

We have grown rapidly, doubling in size and turnover in just 5 years. Chambers is now recognised by Legal Directories and others as a leading set not only in Brighton but along a wide stretch of the South Coast from Portsmouth to Hastings supporting clients from Hampshire, Surrey and Kent in addition to Sussex. In their 2013 Directory, Legal 500 named us (alongside two others) as the strongest set in the South Eastern Region.

We now also have a team of barristers who accept work in accordance with the "Public Access" scheme which enables lay clients to instruct barristers direct, without employing the services of a solicitor. Details are in the "Public Access" section of this website.

















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