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Joanna Glynn QC

Call:  1983 
QC: 2002


Joanna was in practice at the London Bar from 1984-2017

Joanna’s  practice at the Bar was focused on the regulation of professionals (health care, legal and financial) and criminal work. She provided legal and policy advice to regulators, advised practitioners and conducted cases as leading counsel for both regulators and registrants before the regulators' panels and committees. She chaired and spoke at conferences on regulatory topics and wrote (with David Gomez) the leading legal text book on the regulation of health professionals (see below).  

In addition she practised in the criminal jurisdiction, acting as leading counsel in numerous homicide cases, especially infant deaths, and fraud cases brought by the Inland Revenue. She sat as a Recorder (part time judge) for 15 years in the criminal courts. 

Currently she is pursuing academic and research interests, having written and taught the first medical law Masters module on the regulation of health professionals in the UK in 2016 at Queen Mary, University of London. She lectures on the preparation of expert evidence on the Middle Temple's New Practitioners course.

Related interests

Joanna was a trustee and then Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Redress (a charity seeking reparation for torture survivors) until December 2007. She has undertaken trial observations in Kenya and Turkey for Amnesty International and the Bar Human Rights Committee.

She is interested in the use of expert evidence in litigation and has spoken on various aspects of its preparation and use, both in the UK and abroad. She worked with the Royal Society as a member of the Review Panel of"Neuroscience and the Law," published by the Society in December 2011. 


Throughout most of her practice in silk Joanna was ranked by the legal directories at the highest level in the category of "Professional Discipline", described as having an “encyclopaedic knowledge of the law”, “….a first choice on discrete procedural/legislative interpretation issues” and valued for her command of detail, intellectual and forensic rigour, and flair for dealing with clients.
Other peer assessments include: "the kind of performer who ‘attracts the admiration of opponents'”; “In great demand”; “literally wrote the book on the subject” and as “a vociferous fighter who is not afraid to rock the boat”; “she is a client favourite due to her assured appearances before the GMC....” ; “with a reputation as being outstanding, fair and thorough she is often called upon to handle heavyweight cases.” Reference is made to her "mastery of detail and her ability to present complex evidence in a way that is digestible to a panel." [She is] “patient, thorough and clear” and “very much first choice QC for many.”

She was selected by The Lawyer magazine as one of the 10 barristers in their "Hot 100" list for 2008.


(In addition to articles and chapters in journals and books)

    “Fitness to Practise : Health Care Regulatory Law, Principle and Process", Sweet and Maxwell, July 2005, (with David Gomez); this book covers all the UK health care regulators, and all legal and procedural topics required by those concerned with “fitness to practise” issues in the context of healthcare.
•    “The Regulation of Healthcare Professionals: Law, Principle and Process”, Sweet and Maxwell, November 2012, (with David Gomez); an update of the earlier book, but expanded to cover the whole healthcare regulatory cycle, from registration to restoration, and including chapters on NHS tribunals and on the regulation of primary care in the NHS in England.

•    Contributing editor “Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice" for 12 years from 1994 to 2006, responsible for chapters covering Customs & Excise offences, Harmful and Dangerous Drugs and Money Laundering.


1983:    Called to the Bar
1997:    appointed Assistant Recorder of the Crown Court
2000:    appointed Recorder of the Crown Court
2002:    appointed Queen’s Counsel [QC]
2011:    elected Master of the Bench of the Middle Temple 

Other information

VAT Registration No:  397 0396 14


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020 7797 7500

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Joanna Glynn QC prosecutes a case in which a 5 week old baby was shaken to death.
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