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Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC

Call: 1974 
QC: 1999


Lizanne Gumbel’s work mainly involves clinical negligence and personal injury claims for catastrophically injured Claimants.  She also has extensive experience in multi-party actions in clinical negligence and arising out of child abuse and abuse in institutions. She is currently instructed in the Winterbourne View litigation, the Mr Paterson (breast surgeon) litigation and the Jimmy Savile litigation.


Recommended as a leading silk in both the clinical negligence (Band 1) and personal injury (Band 1) fields by Chambers & Partners Directory UK and in Legal 500.

“She really cares about the clients and solicitors and she is ingenious about the way she runs the case.” “She has always got a finger on the pulse and is just a force of nature.”  (Chambers and Partners 2016)

“She has an exceptionally sharp legal brain combined with down-to-earth practicality.”  (Legal 500 2015)

"She knows everything there is to know about catastrophic injury and child abuse cases. She has an encyclopaedic legal brain." (Chambers and Partners 2016)

"She is a phenomenal advocate, and very caring." "Other barristers are terrified of her in litigation - she is fearsome and fearless." (Chambers and Partners 2014)

"She has a fantastic work rate, displays exceptional energy and is good at the turnaround of papers." "She's tremendous. She's exceptionally good at getting to the key point of a case and she has an agility of mind that enables her to find solutions where others would struggle. She's absolutely top of the tree." (Chambers and Partners 2014)

"The "outstanding" Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC, who is applauded for her "unmatched dedication and excellent client care." "A phenomenon in terms of her work ethic," she further has "knowledge of birth injury cases that is second to none" and "knows more about quantum in big catastrophic cases than virtually anyone." (Chambers and Partners 2013)

"Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC commits to a "furious work rate" and is "incredibly versatile and skilled at finding the winning angles in difficult cases." Her effectiveness is in part due to her tenacity and to her "encyclopaedic knowledge of the law on abuse cases."" (Chambers and Partners 2013)

"Solicitors say that "she is an inspiring leader" who is "astonishingly hard working, ferocious in analysing detail and totally committed to her clients" (Chambers and Partners 2012)

""Focussed, energetic and passionate" are just a handful of adjectives used to describe the brilliant Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel whose "knowledge of the law and client rapport are second to none".  Whilst remaining "always personable" she will nevertheless "run a point to its bitter end" and is an expert in obtaining very large interim payments on behalf of braininjured clients." (Chambers and Partners 2012)

Praised to the skies for her work on sensitive and complex birth injury claims.  Clients say “she adds a real dynamism to the conduct of a case.” And is “very hard-working, driven and focused.” “Always on top of the detail,” “she is liked by solicitors as “she is prepared to push boundaries.” (Chambers and Partners 2011)

“Quite extraordinarily industrious” in her approach to child abuse and brain injury cases.  Outside court she is regarded as “the warmest and most approachable of the QC’s.” but once across the threshold she becomes a “true fighter, who is passionately committed to her clients.” (Chambers and Partners 2011)

"Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel is a "phenomenal standout performer"" (Legal 500 2011)

The "highly energetic and absolutely committed" Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC is similarly highly regarded by her instructing solicitors. Crediting her with being "ferociously hard-working," sources explain that "she wins by knowing more and being better prepared than everybody else - she will visit clients in their homes if necessary and she has an encyclopaedic medical knowledge.
(Chambers and Partners 2010)

Among the best of them is personal injury and clinical negligence specialist Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC. "Down to earth and capable of getting to the nub of things incredibly quickly, she succeeds by focusing on the main objectives and ignoring the minor details that can cloud the issue." She is also praised for being excellent and sympathetic with clients.  (Chambers and Partners 2010)


Joint author of “Clinical Negligence – A Practitioner’s Handbook”, published by OUP
Joint author of “Child Abuse Compensation Claims”, published by the Law Society and “Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims” published by Jordans
Contributor to “Risk Management and Litigation in Obstetrics and Gynecology” edited by Roger Clements, published by RSM Press

Significant cases include the following

Please click on the printable version of the CV for a more detailed list

JL v (1) Michael George Bowen (2) Scout Association [2015]

ABC v (1) St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust (2) South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (3) Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (2015)

RE v GE (2015)

X (by her mother & litigation friend AX MX) (Appellant) v Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust (Respondent) & (1) Personal Injury Bar Association (2) Press Association (Interveners) (2015)

(1) Louise Bradbury (2) Maureen Dalton (3) Emma Measey (4) Julie Nicholson (5) Jennifer O’Donnell v (1) Ian Paterson (2) Spire Healthcare Ltd (3) Heart of England NHS Trust (2014)

P (by his litigation friend the official solicitor) v Cheshire West & Chester Council & Anor: P & Q (by their litigation

Gary Moore v Plymouth NHS Trust [2013] EWHC 3193

Darren Griffin v George Ponsonby[2013] EWHC 3410

Robert Ayres v Mahesh Odedra [2013] EWHC 40

Boyle v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2013] EWCA

MXB v East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust [2012] EWHC 3279

Ndiki Mutua and others v The Foreign and Commonwealth Office [2012] EWHC 2878

JGE v (1) English Province of our Lady of Charity (2) Trustees of the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust (2011)

XYZ v Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (2011)

XYZ v Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (2011)Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (2011)XYZ v Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (2011)     Maga (By his litigation friend the Official Solicitor) v Trustees of the Birmingham Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church (2010)

David Rowe v Dolman [2008] CA

Simon Bourstead v North West Strategic Health Authority [2008] EWHC 2375

Braithwaite v Homerton University Hospitals Foundation Trust [2008] EWHC 353

X and Y v London Borough of Hounslow [2008] EWHC 1168

A v Iorworth Hoare [2008] HL 2 WLR 311

Jake Pierce v Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council [2007] EWHC 2968 (QB)

A (a child suing by his father and litigation friend C) v B Hospitals NHS Trust [2006] EWHC 1178

Ahsan v University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust [2006] EWHC 2624 (QB)

C v Middlesborough Council [2004] EWCA Civ 1746

Sowden v Lodge, Crookdake v Drury [2005] 1WLR 2129 

McDonnell v Congregation of Christian Brothers Trustees (formerly Irish Christian Brothers) & Anor, Hof L [2004] 1 AC 1101

Royal Victoria Infirmary & Associated Hospitals NHS Trust v B (A child) [2002] Lloyd's    Rep Med 282

Lucy Reynolds v North Tyneside Health Authority [2002] Lloyds Rep Med 459

Z v UK [2001] 2 FLR 612

S v Gloucestershire County Council, C of A [2000] FLR 825

Heil v Rankin [2000] 2 WLR 1173

Multi-Party Actions

  • Winterbourne View
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Mr Ian Paterson (Breast Surgeon)
  • Forde Park School (80 cases)
  • Barlavington Manor ( 15 cases)
  • South Wales NCH litigation (35 cases)
  • Ivydale Children's Home (15 cases)
  • Badgeworth Court School (14 cases)
  • St Leonard's Children's Home (25 cases)
  • Sunderland Homes Group Litigation (56 cases)
  • Longcare Homes Litigation (55 cases)
  • Staffordshire Homes Litigation (150 cases)
  • Birmingham Homes Group Litigation (101 cases)
  • Pitt House Litigation (15 cases)
  • Holliwell Lodge (8 cases)
  • Green Field House Hostel  (9 cases)
  • Muntham House (6 cases)
  • Queen Elizabeth 11 Home (5 cases)

Other information

VAT Registration No:  245 7817 36


Phone Clerk
020 7797 7500

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African sex abuse claim settlement approved.
Four members of 1COR in duty of care case.
Lizanne Gumbel QC and Henry Witcomb secure the right to anonymity for children and protected parties
Lizanne Gumbel QC settles case for family of mother who died hours after being sent home from A&E.