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Our Members practise in an exceptionally wide range of civil law specialisms as listed in the "areas of law" section of this site. This gives our junior Members scope to develop before specialising. It also means that Members can draw on a wider experience than most when considering the merits of a particular case or presenting that case at Court.

High-level advocacy skills are a particular hallmark. Many of our more senior Members honed such skills early in their careers when practising criminal law, but in more recent years it has been the breadth of civil law subjects within chambers which has enriched us as advocates. 

We are now one of the largest London-based sets to be regularly rated in the top 30 sets in England. Our growth in recent years has been particularly rapid. But growth in itself has never been a strategic aim of Chambers. It is not easy to obtain a tenancy here and very high standards are always set when considering tenancy for our pupils or others.  We have expanded recently because of the excellent quality of our pupils and barristers coming to us from other sets. 

Indicators of the high level professional skills are our growing numbers of QCs and the high number of members currently appointed to the Attorney General's A, B and C Panels (19 in 2014). Such appointments are highly prestigious and awarded by open competition.  

While we are recognised, in particular, as having unrivalled expertise in medical law (clinical negligence and personal injury in particular), we are not and have no plans to be a niche or single specialism set. In recent years, our professional disciplinary and public and administrative law practices have grown rapidly as have other areas ranging from matrimonial finance to environmental law.