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Inquests & Coroners

In particular, we have experience in the following fields:

Medical deaths, including alleged surgical, nursing, obstetric and anaesthetic failures.

Our expertise in clinical negligence claims allows us to provide comprehensive advice and advocacy, not only in relation to the inquest but also any civil claims, judicial reviews or disciplinary proceedings that flow from it.

  • Nichola Mager who committed suicide whilst resident in a psychiatric unit. (2013)
  • Patients under the care of Dr Ubani, the German medical practitioner contracted to perform out of hours care (2011);
  • Arsula Samson, who died after receiving ten times the recommended dose of potassium chloride (2011)
  • Alastair Hosie, the leading neuroscientist who died of fulminant bacteriological septicaemia (2010).
  • Michael Walsh, who fell from a balcony of a private hospital while suffering confusion after an operation (2009).
  • Ese Alabi, who was refused a place on the priority transplant list by reason of her immigration status (2008).

Deaths in custody, including prison, police and mental health detention and often involving deliberate self harm, suicide and allegations of mistreatment and neglect.

  • Michael Taylor, a life prisoner who suffered a cardiac arrest (2012)
  • John Downey, a prisoner who committed suicide a day after arriving in prison (2011)
  • Jimmy Mubenga, who died whilst being restrained by G4S escorts during deportation (2010).
  • 14 year old Adam Rickwood, the youngest person ever to die in custody in recent history.
  • The death by hanging of 16 year old gareth price in a young offender’s institution.
  • Savage v South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust [2009] 1 AC 681.
  • 15 year old Gareth Myatt, the only child to die under restraint (2007)


Military deaths, often in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Fus Dean Griffiths, a soldier killed during mission specific training in kent (2013)
  • The crash of Nimrod XV 230 lack of body armour
  • SAS parachute training equipment
  • Friendly fire on a Challenger II tank
  • The Sea King Helicopter Crash
  • Improvised explosive devices and counter-measures.
  • The four service personnel killed in a snatch land rover in afghanistan (2008)
  • The combined inquests into the controversial Puma Helicopter crash at Catterick Infantry Training Centre (2007)

Other Notable Inquests include:

  • Hillsborough Stadium Disaster 2014
  • The Inquest into the death of Alexander Litvinenko.
  • ‘7/7’ bombings in London
  • Khalil Dale, the ICRC worker beheaded in Pakistan.
  • Liam Hogan, whose father threw him off a hotel balcony in Crete, and the judicial review of the initial inquest verdict (2011)
  • Children who suffered abuse at the hands of their carers, including Joshua Jones (2011) and Tyler Redhead (2012)
  • Tommy Hollis who was killed when struck by a falling lamppost after workmen cut its steel base (2012)
  • Six people following the Lakanal House fire in South London



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