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Professional Discipline

In 2013 we were awarded Professional Discipline Set of the Year at the Chambers Bar Awards

One Crown Office Row has a ‘consistent and well-deserved reputation for the quality and breadth of expertise available - particularly within the healthcare sector' (Legal 500 2014)

1 Crown Office Row has unrivalled expertise in the professional discipline field. Its members represent a swathe of professionals and are particularly strong when it comes to the medical, legal and financial sectors. Indeed, such is the amount of GMC work undertaken that the set opened an annexe in Manchester in the same building as the GMC's hearing rooms. Other professionals catered to include accountants, surveyors, engineers, physiotherapists, brokers and vets, to name but a few. Unsurprisingly, considering this wide reach and the breadth of talent on offer, members of chambers are routinely involved in the major cases of the day. (Chambers and Partners 2014)

1 Crown Office Row is home to an intimidating array of top-class silks and juniors, who carry out the majority of their work within the healthcare sector. "Good on paper and good on their feet," the set's barristers are viewed as "at the top for medical defence work."..."One of the strongest chambers in terms of depth and consistency" (Chambers and Partners 2013) 

Members of Chambers have wide experience of appearing before and Chairing Disciplinary Tribunals.

We have acted in most of the major cases brought by the General Medical Council [GMC] in recent years, including eight members in the proceedings against Dr Wakefield and Professor Walker Smith, and in the case of the latter, on appeal. Members also acted in the high profile cases against Professor Southall, Professor Sir Roy Meadow and Professor Bonhoeffer, along with many other significant cases in the field. It was the high volume of GMC work undertaken by Members of the group that prompted our decision to open an annexe in the same building as the GMC’s hearing rooms in Manchester.

Members of the group have acted for most of the health care regulators, and for NHS Trusts. Our practices are primarily focused on proceedings brought against professionals working in the healthcare and legal sectors, but we also act in cases brought by other regulatory bodies including those against accountants, surveyors, engineers and vets.

Members also have experience of police disciplinary work. Our representation may cover all stages of the disciplinary process, from advising on the initial response to appearing before the disciplinary tribunals and if necessary, on appeal to the High Court, Court of Appeal or Privy Council. We have experience of acting in applications brought before the High Court by the healthcare sector’s over-arching regulator, the Council for the Regulation of Healthcare Professionals (currently known as the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence).

Members’ publications include the primary text book on regulation in the healthcare sector, “Fitness to Practise: Health Care Regulatory Law, Principle and Process” [2005] and its successor “The Regulation of Healthcare Professionals: Law, Principle and Process” [2012]

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